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The Thin Pill | Season 1 | Episode 1 - You Are What You Eat

44m 17s

At an elite medical facility in Auckland, four teens agree to swallow capsules filled with other people’s faeces in hopes of losing weight; a team of researchers hopes to revolutionize treatment for obesity and diabetes; and a lack of suitable poo donors threatens to derail and disembowel the whole thing.

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50m 09s

The idea of postponing or even reversing the ageing process has always fascinated humanity. Some claim that immortality will be possible as little as thirty years from now - but will it just be for the rich? Our team visited research laboratories working on this objective and interviewed the world’s top researchers in the field. We ask just how long humans might be able to live, and what it could involve. The programme also looks into the popular wish to remain young and extend our lifespan.

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The End of Antibiotics

34m 46s

For years antibiotics have been misused to treat both humans and animals for minor illnesses. Careless overprescription has led to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. By 2050 these "superbugs" could cause more deaths than cancer. Meanwhile research into new antibiotics is limited, considered unprofitable. Doctors and scientists fear that this combination of factors will create a "perfect storm”.

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A Peace Of Nourishment

55m 10s

After suffering with an eating disorder for more than 20 years, Kylie van der Veer shares intimate details on her fight for recovery, documented by her partner Annie over the last 3.5 years.

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Autism - A Family's Journey

51m 36s

When JR Cairns was two years old, doctors diagnosed him as autistic and mentally retarded, and predicted that he would be institutionalized by age 17. But the Cairns family refused to accept this grim life sentence. And against the odds, they won. Now, for the first time ever, JR’s family and therapists unite to celebrate his recovery and share their story of hope.

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The Myopia boom

51m 01s

Short-sightedness is reaching epidemic proportions. Some scientists think they have found a reason why. East Asia has been gripped by an unprecedented rise in myopia. Today, up to 90% of Chinese teenagers and young adults are short-sighted. Other parts of the world have also seen a dramatic increase in the condition, which now affects around half of young adults in the USA and Europe.

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Cannabis, wonderdrug ?

52m 04s

What if weed could be a cure to most severe diseases, such as cancer or AIDS? Not really, but cannabis can. As a matter of fact, molecules inside marijuana are now at the center of medical research around the world. There are more and more scientists, doctors, and psychologists encouraging the therapeutic and controlled use of cannabinoids for specific treatments.

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Good, Better, Vegan?

52m 00s

Veganism is the new lifestyle of a young, healthy generation. Restaurants serve vegan haute cuisine, recipes for vegan cakes flood the Internet. It’s also a money-making area for research and business. Countless ways of replacing milk, eggs and sausage enter the market. But few realize that the manufacturing process involves biotechnology and additives. Being vegan without knowing about nutrients can lead to deficiencies, even death. Are we really on the threshold of a new, sustainable diet?

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Body a la Carte

51m 47s

We live in a world where self-image has become an obsession, where we can no longer ignore the role that science and technology play in our never-ending quest for beauty and youth.Through touching and meaningful stories, as well as the testimonies of plastic surgeons, and interviews with experts from related fields, Body à La Carte explores the increasingly popular and fascinating phenomenon of cosmetic procedures.

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The Obsession with Food

40m 16s

Some people eat only fruit, some only meat, some only raw food, and some only at certain times of day. More and more people are obsessed with what they eat and in some cases this becomes a genuine illness.

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It's Better to Fast

38m 39s

Once upon a time, people fasted during Lent but few still do today. Yet from Jesus Christ to Gandhi, people have been hailing the virtues of fasting since the dawn of time. Research shows that fasting regularly helps prevent some serious diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. But skipping meals is neither popular nor easy: on the contrary, resisting hunger pangs is extremely difficult.

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